Getting CREAItive with Commercial Real Estate Marketing

I recently reread a favorite book from my high school years, Richard Brautigan's Trout Fishing in America. That inspired me to work with Chat GPT to write a more literary take on commercial real estate marketing.

In high school, I took an English class entitled Expansion of Consciousness. In addition to the eclectic reading list, writing and discussion, we learned Transcendental Meditation. Using the AI chat bot, Chat GPT, at least to me, fits well with expansion of consciousness.

In the spirit of that class, this week's blog post is a combination of commercial real estate haiku as well as a Brautigan inspired post on commercial real estate marketing.


What if Richard Brautigan Was a Commercial Real Estate Marketer?

In the wild world of commercial real estate, marketing is the key to unlocking the door of success. It's like a river that flows through a landscape of buildings and spaces, guiding potential buyers and renters to their new home or office.

In the hands of skilled marketers, commercial real estate can become a symphony of colors and sounds, a tapestry of experiences that speak to the hearts and minds of people looking to invest in a new venture.

But what is the secret to successful commercial real estate marketing? Is it a formula, a recipe, a set of rules? No, dear reader, it's more like a poem. A poem that captures the essence of a space, that paints a picture with words and images that make potential buyers and renters feel like they've already stepped into their new home or office.

Richard Brautigan, the master of whimsical poetry, understood this truth better than anyone. His words could make a mundane moment sparkle with magic, could turn a prosaic space into a wonderland of possibility.

In the same way, commercial real estate marketers must be poets of space. They must understand how to create an atmosphere of enchantment, to make the mundane feel like an adventure.

It's not just about the facts and figures, the square footage and the amenities. It's about the story, the narrative that draws potential buyers and renters in and makes them feel like they're part of something special.

Think of a commercial real estate marketing campaign as a haiku, a short form that captures the essence of a space in a few lines. The best haikus are simple yet profound, evocative yet understated. They make us feel something without telling us how to feel.

In the same way, a successful commercial real estate marketing campaign must be both simple and profound. It must capture the essence of a space in a way that makes potential buyers and renters feel something without telling them what to feel.

So how do we do this? How do we become poets of space, masters of commercial real estate marketing?

First, we must understand the space we're marketing. We must walk through it, feel its energy, listen to its story. We must understand what makes it special, what sets it apart from other spaces in the same market.

Then, we must distill that essence into a message that speaks to potential buyers and renters. It might be a tagline, a slogan, a visual image, or a combination of all three. But whatever form it takes, it must capture the heart and soul of the space we're marketing.

Finally, we must deliver that message with precision and grace. We must use the right channels, the right media, the right tone of voice. We must be authentic, transparent, and compelling.

In the end, commercial real estate marketing is an art form. It's a dance between space and imagination, between fact and fiction, between poetry and prose. It's a journey that takes us through the wild world of commercial real estate, a journey that's both exhilarating and rewarding.

So let us be poets of space, dear reader, let us be masters of commercial real estate marketing. Let us take the mundane and make it magical, let us turn a space into a home, a haven, a dream come true.


CRE Haiku


Steel and concrete rise,

Majestic towers touching sky,

Wealth’s empire stands proud.


Retail spaces gleam,

Merchandise tempts passersby,

Capitalism’s dream.


The office towers,

A hive of industry’s buzz,

Productivity’s home.


Industrial parks,

Factories humming with work,

Profits evergreen.


Investment in land,

Real estate’s golden ticket,

Profits evergreen.