by QuantumListing Team

How to Get Five Listings Boosted to the Top of Searches

QuantumListing wants your listings to get the best exposure possible, which is why we are offering you a deal this week to boost your listings to the top of searches.

Listing Promotion is the best way to get your listings to the top of searches in your market so that your listings get the views, clicks, and leads that they deserve. Even better, each week we send out state email blasts in which promoted listings will be featured at the top of the listing pages. This means that users opening up their emails will see your listings first, increasing the chances for engagement!

How do I get five listings promoted to the top of searches? 

In order to take advantage of this deal, all you need to do is renew your annual membership ($89.99 per year for unlimited listings). If you are not yet a QuantumListing member, this deal is available to you to once you sign up and subscribe (keep in mind that you get the first 30 days free). Fill out the form below to express interest in this week's listing promotion deal so that we can bring your listings to the top of searches for a month.