by QuantumListing Team

Quantum Lister Profile: Justine Snyder of Fine Properties Inc.

We continue our Quantum Lister member profile series with Justine Snyder of Fine Properties, Inc. in Massachusetts. We appreciate your support Justine, and love seeing you each week participating in our webinars!

How long have you been in Commercial Real Estate?

I’ve been in commercial real estate for 6 years.


What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry during that time?

Certainly, the Covid epidemic has significantly affected commercial real estate across-the-board. It affects everyone from landlords, brick and mortar stores, office space, retail space, and manufacturing/industrial properties.


How many listings do you have?

I currently have 10 listings.


How do you get new business?

Most of my new business comes through referrals.


What tech tools do you use to manage all the listings?

I use Zipform to manage and track my transactions and QuantumListing to market them.


What other technology do you use to manage your business?

I’m in the process of hiring a virtual assistant.


How does QuantumListing fit into your technological tool kit?

As a white glove member of QuantumListing's, when things get really busy I just hand over my new listing to them to post and upload. I most recently love the Google ad push option and use it for my listings. I find it much more effective than any kind of Facebook push.


What are your favorite QuantumListing features?

I really like that I can call Quantum when I have a question, I get a real person who responds to me. I have had the Quantum marketing team in my office upon request.(pre Covid) I really enjoy the connections with Landmark and some of the other partnering associations that Quantum has connected me with. I also regularly partake in the Haves & Want marketing sessions for my state of Massachusetts. I gain from the weekly seminars, and learn something every time from them and try to attend them whenever possible.


How do you see technology changing CRE?

I'm seeing now a focus on videography in 3-D imaging as a way to show properties more now than ever,


What other emerging trends do you see in CRE? In your market? In your region? Nationally?

I hate to see it, but lease per square foot price is a really going down and it is a buyer’s market for lessees.


Is there anything else that you’d like our readers to know?

I would like readers to know that if they are looking for white glove service and a listing platform that supports commercial realtors, QuantumListing is where you want to just be. I am on the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Commercial Realtors of Massachusetts and all of our board members utilize QuantumListing services.


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