by QuantumListing Team

Recently Asked Questions on QuantumListing

Every week, we get a large quantity of questions from our members and prospective members about how to use our site. We want to make sure that your experience on our site is seamless so we posted some of the recently asked questions below.

How do I  promote a listing? 

To promote a listing to the top of searches on QuantumListing of properties in your market, follow the steps in this article from the HOW IT WORKS section on our website.

How do I find the payment page when I am trying to renew my membership?

To renew your membership, first go to your profile page by clicking on the head and shoulders avatar at the top right of the website. If your account is expired, under your name, you will see a red link that says Please renew your membership. Click on the link, which takes you to the membership payment page in our Payments and Marketing Center. Click the green Create Order button to complete your renewal via PayPal. 

If your membership has not yet ended but you would like to extend your membership now, click on the link that says Go to Payments and Marketing Center and follow the steps above.

For those who don’t like to use PayPal, please get in touch with [email protected] and we will send you an invoice.

How do I print a flyer for a client?

If the agent has not uploaded their own flyer, QuantumListing can create one for you. Follow these steps: Click on the listing card to go the listing’s detail page. Below and to the right of the featured image, look for the icon with a down arrow pointing to a vertical bracket. When you hover over it, it will say Create Listing PDF. 

Click on it, and the window will show the listing title, address, images, Property Overview, Agent Contact information, Description, and Location Map.

Click on the green button at the top of the page that says Export to PDF. Our system will create a PDF and download it to your computer.

I think I accidentally made two of the same order to advertise one of my listings on the Google Display Network. How do I cancel one of them?

To cancel a Google Display Network order, or any other type of order, contact [email protected].

I am trying to connect my QuantumLisiting Account to my Buildout account but am getting server error 500. Can you connect them?

This happens when a user selects Basic Membership instead of Individual or Enterprise Membership on QuantumListing. To post listings, you will need to upgrade to an Individual or Enterprise member. To do this, login to your QuantumListing account and go to your profile page. Look for the green Upgrade button underneath your name on the left hand side of the page. Click the green Buy It button underneath the type of membership you would like to switch to.

What is the cost of an annual membership?

An annual membership to QuantumListing is $89.99 per year for unlimited listings. You can also choose to be a Basic user for free if you are not posting listings. If you would like us to post your listings for you, you can opt for white glove membership which is $159.99 per year. 

Is your system only for brokers, or can anyone see the listings?

Anyone with an internet connection can see the listings! There is no paywall and no registration wall. They are visible to all web users 

Can you post land listings?

Yes! Land is one of our most popular asset classes. When you post a listing, you can select it from the dropdown menu among other popular options like Multifamily, Industrial, Office, Retail, etc. 

Can you post properties for lease?

Absolutely! About half of our active listings are for lease, while the other half are for sale. When you add a listing, you can select Lease for the Trade Type. You can even post listings for sale and lease! 

Can you promote commercial real estate “Wants”?

Yes! All members (including Basic members) can post their commercial wants on QuantumListing. Once you post, you can promote it to the top of searches in your market.

What information about a property do I need to post a listing?

The most important information to post is a title, description, address, trade type, asset type, price, size and high quality images. There are also additional parameters that you can fill out to provide as much detail as possible to your future buyer. 

Can I put my office listing on this website if it is located in Australia?

Yes you can post listings anywhere in the world. We have listings from multiple countries and even continents! There are no constraints or limits on QuantumListing.

How do I tell if a listing is still available?

Any listing that you are seeing in a search result should be available but the best bet is always to call or email the broker. You can also click contact the agent to have the agent receive a lead with your contact information. All brokers are responsible for updating their own listings. We send out reminder emails every month to our brokers so they keep their listings up to date and we also do our best to update all listings that we are aware of. 

As always, we are available for any questions you have by reaching out to [email protected]. You can also always schedule a demo using the green button at the top right corner of every page, or try the intercom button at the bottom right corner of every page!