by QuantumListing Team

Seven Year Anniversary of QuantumListing

This August marks the seven year anniversary of the launching of QuantumListing. What started out as an iOS app is now a full website with tens of thousands of active commercial real estate listings.

Why was QuantumListing started?

Our founder David is a commercial real estate veteran and he found himself unsatisfied with the current listing services available to the industry. He took this opportunity to create something that he felt was more fair and affordable for everybody. When QuantumListing was started, it was $79.99 per year for unlimited listings. The current rate is $89.99 per year but that rate might be going up by $10 soon!

Over the last seven years what is QuantumListing most proud of?

We asked our founder and CEO what he is most proud of over the last seven years and his first answer was that we’ve created a community of commercial real estate professionals who can come together both online and in person to network and get deals done. Our community includes guest webinar presentations as well as many events at ICSC RECon including #LetsGetSocial, #LetsGetSmart, and #LetsGetTogether. The platform itself has several ways to network with its many social features including Chat, Groups, Social Media integration, Following functionality and more. 

Another aspect of the site that we are proud of is that we have not strayed from our original mission or business model. Since starting, we have always offered a trial period for users. We also have continued to only charge for users who are adding listings. Additionally, we have kept true to our promise for no paywall or registration wall so that website and mobile visitors can access your listing and contact you right away with no barriers to entry. Of course we have also kept costs low and promise to continue to make our site affordable for all.

What is syndication and why is it important?

We see this industry as being collegial as much as it is competitive. That’s why we have established so many partnerships with other commercial real estate tech companies so that we can offer our audience the best deals and the ultimate exposure of their listings. We are invested in your success and look forward to continuing to forge forward as an industry and develop more relationships. 


How has QuantumListing grown and changed since its inception in 2015?

Firstly, QuantumListing started out as a mobile app. While users enjoyed looking at listings on their phones, we soon realized that it made more sense to add listings from a website. Since launching the website, in addition to the aforementioned syndication partnerships, we have also expanded greatly by adding a series of features that help your listings get more exposure and views. The most prominent of these features is the On-Demand Marketing Center, which includes Listing Promotion, Brand Promotion, Online Advertisement and more package deals. We added these low-cost features to boost your listings to the top of searches and the forefront of websites so that your listings get an advantage in the market.


Last but not least, what are we most looking forward to for the future of QuantumListing?


In the coming months, we will be launching a new website design which we are very excited to showcase. This will include a sleek interface and more efficient functionalities so that you can get your deals done in a quick and timely manner.


We are also looking forward to continuing to partner with more commercial real estate companies and establishing more syndication connections. 


As a reward for you finishing this blog post, we want to give you a gift to thank you for being with us through our seven year anniversary. 


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