by David Perlmutter

Six Popular For Lease Searches

Because our members' listings are not hidden behind a paywall, you can access any of their listings. To make it even easier for you to search the most popular for lease categories, we've included six of our most popular searches of commercial property for lease below.

To borrow from Arlo Guthrie, you can get anything you want at

Click any of the buttons below to see the most recent for lease listings in that asset category. We've selected six of the most popular categories for you.




If you are a QuantumListing member and signed in to your account, you can save any listing to your Favorites so you can easily retrieve it later. If you are not arealdy a QuantumListing member, you can sign up HERE. Click the the ribbon icon at the top of any listing card to save it. The ribbon outline turns green and there is a pop up message on the bottom right side of your screen to let you know it has been saved. The video below gives an example. Click on the video to enlarge it:


If you are on a listing detail page, you can find the same icon to save the listing to your Favorites on the grey stripe next to the property description. Click on the video to enlarge it:



To access your saved lisitngs, click on the head shoulders avatar at the top right of the screen to go to your profile page. Look for the side bar menu on the left hand side of the page below your profile picture. Click on Listings to access the sub-menu, then click on Saved Listings. Click on the video to enlarge it:



To remove the listing from your Saved Listings, just click the green ribbon. It will turn grey and there will be a pop up at the bottom right of your screen to let you know it has been successfully removed. Click on the video to enlarge it:


We hope you regularly search and save our members' listings! We have lots of other great feature to help make your commercial real estate workflow easier, and we hope you'll take the time to get to learn all about them. Be sure to check out our How It Works section, for lots of actionable tips, or schedule a demo with one of our team members.