by Julia Perlmutter

The QuantumListing Member Rewards Program

QuantumListing provides you with a powerful array of tools to market your listings. We want to make sure you know how to implement them to get more views, clicks and leads.

Too many listing sites treat you as just another number instead of as a valued member of their community. At QuantumListing, we care about you and want to contribute to your success by teaching you how to implement best practices, so you get more views, clicks and leads. 

Success in marketing your listings and yourself on the internet starts with the little things. That is why we are introducing the QuantumListing Rewards Program to further incentivize you to make your profile and listings work for you to help attract new clients and customers. 

One might say that completing the tasks in our program is its own reward, because you'll be setting yourself up for success. However, we've always been fans of gilding gold, so piling rewards on top of rewards is ok with us!

To get the rewards, all you have to do is complete small and simple tasks in order to improve your profile and overall presence on our site and beyond (this helps your professional profile and your listings get discovered on Google and other search engines). Then, submit the form below, and we will give you rewards depending on how many tasks you have completed. 

Don’t worry, we will walk you through each step along the way, and you don’t have to do everything at once. You’ll get points for the tasks that you report (and we verify!) as completed. As you complete more tasks, you can resubmit the form. 

The point system is explained below. Click on each task to see how to complete it. As always, you can reach out to us if you have any questions or need help. Most of these tasks will take less than a minute to complete!

Since we know real estate brokers, agents and owners are a competitive group, when you submit the form, you can opt to add your name to our Leaderboard, too!


Let’s Increase Your Search Engine Health with Profile Enhancement - Get Up to 25 Points

As you may remember from our blog post Help Google Find You and Your Listings, adding your profile picture, social media, bio, website, and good listing images will increase the amount of information that Google has to index and thus will increase your profile and listings on search engines. 

Add a profile picture - 5 points

Add one or more social media sites - 5 points

Add a bio - 5 points

Add your website - 5 points

Add your company or personal logo - 5 points


Let’s Get Social - Get Up to 40 Points

We’ve been called the LinkedIn of listing sites. Real estate is a relationship business,  We want to help you stay connected to others because we know how important networking is. Here’s an opportunity to fine tune your social media game.

Share your profile to social media - 5 points

Follow at least 3 other members - 5 points

Save a listing to favorites - 5 points

Share a listing to social media and tag @QuantumListing - 5 points

Send a chat message to your group - 5 points

Send a chat message to another User - 5 points

Use our mass email feature - 5 points

Invite a friend to join - 5 points


Listings Are No Fun Unless You Share With Everyone - Up to 20 Points

Utilize our iFrame feature to share your listings and Profile to your website or blog with your QuantumListing profile - 5 points

Make sure all your listing images are coming through correctly - 5 points

Create a listing report and share it via email or iFrame - 5 points


Extra, Extra Read All About It - Up to 15 Points

We provide resources every week to help you improve your commercial real estate knowledge and practice. This includes a weekly blog and webinar. We also have a multitude of help articles on our website.

Utilize our How It Works section - 5 points

Participate in a live QuantumListing webinar - 5 points

Read a QuantumListing Blog Post - 5 points


There’s more! Get Extra Credit

Who doesn’t want extra credit? Answer these questions to put yourself over the top!


You Deserve a Reward!

Each completed and verified task is worth 5 points. There are a total of 100 points plus the extra credit). You don’t have to complete every task to get rewarded. We will recognize you along the way with prizes. 

When you reach 25 points, you get a month of listing promotion. Don’t have listings? We’ll share your profile to our social media.

When you reach 50 points, we will help create an email blast for you to your QuantumListing network. 

When you reach 75 points, you will get a month of brand promotion in your market.

When you reach 100 points, we’ll give you an additional 3 months of brand promotion in your market.

Submit the form below to keep track of the completed items. After you hit the Submit button, be sure to select the Review Score link. You’ll see the items you’ve completed, and view links on how to complete the tasks still to be done.

We encourage you to complete as many as possible right now but the program will be running until September 1st so you have time to complete them all! 

No matter what your level of QuantumListing expertise, if you are a QuantumListing Premium Member, you should participate! Check back here to see if you are on top of the leaderboard.



Go to the QuantumListing Rewards Program Leaderboard.