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24 Nov 2017

You Don't Have An Oculus Rift Headset? That's Okay!

You're in commercial real estate and want to conduct a virtual tour and you don't have an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset? That's okay! You don't need one. 

21 Nov 2017

A Special Offer for Members of The Broker List

Join QuantumListing and in addition to getting a three month trial of Premium Membership, we'll add your listings to the QuantumListing platform for you. Just click on the green Free Trial button at the upper right and send us your listing PDFs and we'll get you going!

21 Nov 2017

The 2017 Holiday Shopping Poll

We're starting our holiday shopping poll a week early this year and running it for two weeks! We want to know where you plan on doing most of your holiday shopping. Your choices are (READ MORE)


14 Nov 2017

ICSC New York National Deal Making 2017

Meet with us at ICSC New York National Deal Making

17 Nov 2017


I know you are thinking you don't need another commercial real estate listing platform, and perhaps you don't. Here's why I started QuantumListing and think you should try it. While running my own commercial real estate business (Perlmutter Properties), I felt  the current solutions didn't meet my needs  and the price kept escalating, without the service improving.